Pet-Friendly Hotel in Cannon Beach OR

Bring your dog to The Wayside Inn. We are a pet-friendly hotel in Cannon Beach. We accept all sizes of dogs and allow two dogs per room.  We want all dogs to be comfortable at The Wayside Inn so when you check-in, your dog will receive a basket to use during their stay. The basket includes two dog sheets, dog towels, two dog bowls, pooper scooper bags, and dog treats.  Dogs are $15 per night. Dogs may not be left in the room unattended.


Hotel Doggie Tips & Rules

We want all pets to be safe at the hotel and in Cannon Beach so here are some tips and rules that Toby, a loyal dog guest of the hotel, wants to let you know about...

  • Have fun exploring the city of Cannon Beach, but when going to town don’t forget your leash. Cannon Beach beaches are the best because pets are allowed on the sand as long as they are on a leash or under voice control. It is your owner’s responsibility to ensure that you are physically controlled.

  • Remember don’t drink the seawater or eat any creepy crawlies.

  • Please ask your people to keep you on a leash while at the hotel. You might bump into some other pets. And our pet area on the east side of the building is close to the street.

  • We don’t want you to be nervous or scared, so ask your people not to leave you alone in the room. If they decide to try this, please tell them to leave you in a crate (we have one you can borrow) and make sure my friends down at the desk have your peeps cell phone number.

  • I know you get excited; I do too, but please don’t bark while you are here…sometimes this causes problems for other guests, and your people will be responsible for any money it costs if the front desk gets complaints about your barking.

  • We have a special doggie area where you can do your business. It is the area on the east side of the parking lot and the side of the building. Please do not use the ocean-side grassy area near the decks for bathroom breaks.

  • If you are lucky enough to get to hang out on the furniture, please make sure your people cover the beds and chairs with the sheets we have just for you. Sometimes when you get back from the beach you’re wet and sandy so please use the towels provided to dry off.

  • I know you get bored sometimes. I do too, but please, please don’t chew up this room. We want it to be nice for the next family that comes here. And we don’t want your people to have to pay for what you chew up or scratch.

  • If you have an accident in the room, please have your people clean it up as much as possible with toilet paper and paper towels. Then call the hotel people right away. They will come to your room and use their special cleaning product to eliminate any stains and odors.

  • We have great State Parks in Cannon Beach and most allow pets on trails. Ecola State Park and Oswald West State Park allow dogs on a leash (maximum 6 feet long) or in a vehicle or a tent.

  • Cannon Beach is a very pet-friendly town. When you arrive at the hotel you’ll receive a list of dog-friendly restaurants, pet shops, and pet hospitals.





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